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Gingerbread Houses in Port-au-Prince


Gingerbread houses are not just those of the candy variety, but a kind of beautiful and characteristic architectural style of family homes constructed in Haiti at the turn of the 20th century. These iconic structures have an interesting and eclectic origin. Undoubtedly influenced by Victorian style, clearly seen in their sweeping wrap-around porches and turret roofs, many of these structures were built by returning Haitian architects after having studied in Paris. In addition to the European techniques, the gingerbread homes of Port-au-Prince demonstrate an understanding of the country’s unique Caribbean climate. The high ceilings draw hot air upwards, away from the living space, the windows on every side allow cross breezes even during the hottest days, and the wooden frames are able to withstand harsh tropical storms. In fact, these century-old homes fared better during the devastating 2010 earthquake than did many of the more modern concrete structures. These intricately adorned and uniquely Haitian homes became popular within the city’s nobility in the late 1900s. To this day, around 200 of the homes remain, with their grand staircases leading up to the front door and the curved tops of wooden doors and windows evoking the grandeur of a different era. Conservation efforts are in place today, led by the Haitian nonprofit Knowledge & Freedom Foundation, or FOKAL, to restore the homes, many of which are in disrepair, to their former splendor. Local craftsmen are being trained in the masonry and carpentry skills necessary for the task, skills which had been largely abandoned when contemporary cement blocks replaced wood, bricks and lime mortar as building materials. The restoration process is a slow and difficult one, but thanks to the efforts of FOKAL and the support from the World Monuments Fund, these beautiful pieces of Haitian heritage may be saved and enjoyed by generations to come.

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