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The Beauty and Simplicity of a Haitian Wedding


For the bride-to-be searching for a unique experience with traditional customs for her special day, a Haitian wedding is the answer. The city of Port-au-Prince provides lovely surroundings, but the event itself is made even more special by traditions that have been handed down throughout the ages. Once forgotten, these simple customs are once again becoming part of the wedding ceremonies of modern couples around the globe, many of whom wish to reconnect with their Haitian roots, or simply show reverence for ancient island customs.

Formal invitations are unnecessary, as guests are invited through word of mouth. The groom leads his bride, accompanied by her bridesmaids, to the church, and sits opposite her. The maid of honor, the best man, and the witnesses sit beside and behind the couple, as all of the bridal party will sign the marriage certificate. There are bible readings and singing, and the entire wedding party dances their way up the aisle of the church, marking the end of the ceremony. One of the most interesting traditions concerns the wedding cake - is not eaten at the reception. Instead, the newly married couple eat the cake in their marriage home a few days after the wedding.

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